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We are fifteen Pan-Asian Environmental Justice Activists from India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Indonesia, Pakistan and the Philippines supported by like-minded friends from Afrika and Abya Yalas (Latin America) who are seriously committed to building XRANA as part of XRISN (Extinction Rebellion International Solidarity Network).

We are challenging corporate extractivist destruction of our environment and abuses of human, peoples’ and Mother Earth rights and highlighting the need for declaration of Climate and Ecological  Emergency in order to more seriously tackle Climate Change with appropriate participatory democratic forms of people’s self- empowering creativity.

We uphold Pluriversality and encourage the Cognitive Justice appreciation of the need for all communities to utilise the best of their own knowledge as germane to the indigenous knowledge systems for genuine sustainable Development.

We are supporting Communities of Resistance to stop being dispossessed of their homelands and work together with all those willing to reclaim land, to protest against mining and extractivist plunder, destruction of Biodiversity, reclaiming land for organic farming, opposing racial, gender, sex, caste, class and other forms of discrimation and promoting Eco-Justice education and new ways of environmentally just living in Equity, solidarity and friendship with all others.

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